Prohibition and restriction of goods policy

Prohibition and restriction of goods policy

Before the seller publishes the proposed product on the sales platform, it is responsible for ensuring that the product complies with all legal requirements and is allowed to be published for sale in accordance with Tonys' terms and policies. For the seller’s convenience, Tonys provides examples (not enumerated) guidelines for prohibited and restricted products that are not allowed to be sold on Tonys. Tonys will update this code from time to time when necessary. Please visit this page regularly for relevant updates.

1violating our terms of service

If the seller violates this "Prohibition and Restriction Policy", he may suffer a certain degree of unfavorable benefits, including but not limited to:

-Delete listed products

-Restrict account permissions

-Suspension and termination of accounts

-Freeze account funds

-Legal action

2 List of prohibited and restricted products

(1) Imitation guns, military and police supplies, dangerous weapons:

1. Guns, ammunition, munitions and imitations;

2. Control equipment that can cause others to temporarily lose the ability to resist and cause major physical harm to others;

3. Firearms, ammunition, munitions related equipment, accessories, auxiliary products, and derivative crafts of imitation products, etc.;

4. Controlled knives, bow and crossbow accessories and throwing sticks, darts, axes, blow arrows, knives with bleeding slots, etc. may be used to endanger the personal safety of others, and electric shock devices for personal defense;

5. Self-defense equipment, equipment and facilities such as sprayers and sprayers that may cause harm to the human body

6. Police and military uniforms, signs, equipment and products;

7. Related products or information with religion, racial discrimination, or anti-religious beliefs.

(2) Inflammable, explosive, toxic chemicals and drugs:

1. Flammable and explosive materials;

2. Highly toxic chemicals;

3. Drugs, drug-making raw materials, drug-making chemicals and addictive drugs;

4. Fireworks and firecrackers;

5. Dangerous chemicals prohibited for sale in the national inventory;

6. Drug smoking tools and accessories;

7. Relevant tutorials and books that introduce the methods of making flammable and explosive products.

(3) Destructive information such as reactionary:

1. Contains information that is reactionary, undermines national unity, undermines sovereignty and territorial integrity, undermines social stability, involves state secrets, disrupts social order, promotes cult superstition, promotes religion, racial discrimination, etc., or books, audio-visual products that are prohibited by laws and regulations from being published and distributed , Videos, documents;

2. Political-related books and periodicals and collectible secret-related books, audio-visual products, videos, and documents that are not suitable for distribution in the country;

3. Stamp collections prohibited by the state, philatelic products produced without the approval of the administrative department of the postal industry, and philatelic products issued after 1949 that contain the words "Republic of China";

(4) Pornographic and vulgar, aphrodisiac products:

  Pornographic, obscene goods, pornographic advertisements and sexual services

1. Audiovisual products and videos containing pornographic and obscene content; pornographic companion chat service; account number and invitation code of adult website forum;

2. Oral or topical aphrodisiac products and artificial hymen that can cause others to temporarily lose their ability to resist and lose consciousness; "triazolam", "fly powder", "fly water" in sex toys, etc.

3. Software and pictures used to spread pornographic information; audio and video products containing erotic, violent, and vulgar content; original underwear and related products;

4. Anime, reading materials, games and pictures containing erotic, violent, and vulgar content;

5. Internet vulgar products.

(5) Involving personal safety and privacy:

1. Software and equipment used to monitor and steal privacy or confidentiality;

2. Equipment used for illegal camera, recording, evidence collection and other purposes;

3. ID card and ID card verification and reading equipment;

4. Software, tools, tutorials and products that steal or crack account passwords;

5. Personal privacy information and corporate internal data; provide services such as personal mobile phone positioning, phone list query, bank account query, etc.;

6. Sell, transfer, and recycle, including bank cards that have been invalidated or used for collection purposes;

7. Car seat belt buckles and other auto parts products that have traffic safety hazards.

(6) Medicines and medical devices:

1. Psychiatric, anesthetic, toxic, radiological, stimulant, and family planning drugs; non-drug ingredients with added drugs; drugs that have been investigated and dealt with by the State and the drug administration has determined that the production and use of drugs are prohibited (the second item of this item) except);

2. Drugs, blood products or medical devices used to prevent and treat human diseases; drugs that are produced, imported, or sold without the approval of the drug regulatory authority;

3. Injectable whitening injections, fat-dissolving injections, filling injections, slimming injections and other cosmetic injections for human injection.

(7) Illegal services and tickets:

1. Forgery and alteration of documents, certificates, official seals, anti-counterfeiting labels, etc. issued by state agencies or specific agencies, only services that can be provided by state agencies or specific agencies;

2. The bills (and services) that can be used or used for reimbursement, the foreign trade documents that can still be used, and the services of customs declaration, inventory, commodity inspection, and document procedures;

3. Unpublished national-level official examination answers;

4. Fortune-telling, superstitious, feng shui, practice and other feudal superstition services;

5. Agency services for violations of automobile regulations;

6. Services related to writing essays and exams;

7. Hype blog popularity, hype website popularity, proxy voting products or information;

8. Legal consultation, psychological consultation, financial consultation, doctor online consultation and related services;

9. Stocks, bonds and other publicly issued securities;

10. Welfare lottery, sports lottery and all kinds of lottery tickets, except for the transfer for collection purposes without validity and circulation.

(8) Animals and plants, animal and plant organs and animal hunting tools:

1. Human organs and remains;

2. Live bodies, internal organs, any limbs, fur, specimens or other manufactured products of national key protected animals, endangered animals, fossils of extinct animals and existing national level two or above protected animals;

3. National protected plants live;

4. Living bodies, internal organs, any limbs, furs, specimens or other manufactured products of terrestrial wild animals that are beneficial or have important economic or scientific research value protected by the state;

5. Electric fishing gear related equipment and accessories;

6. Cat and dog meat, cat and dog fur, shark fin, bear bile and their products.

(9) Software, tools or equipment involving illegal gains such as theft and illegal purposes:

1. Smuggling, theft, robbery and other illegal income;

2. Illegal use tools such as gambling equipment, examination cheating tools, car stopwatch equipment, etc.;

3. Satellite signal transceiver and software; instruments or equipment used for radio signal shielding;

4. Lock picking tools, unlocking services and related tutorials and books;

5. One card with multiple numbers; a wireless network card with the function of the network, and the device that informs the member that it can be used for the network in the description information;

6. Software suspected of fraud and other illegal purposes;

7. Commodities that may be used to evade traffic management;

8. Use the direct current feed on the telephone line to emit light;

9. All kinds of short messages, emails, Want Want mass-sending equipment, software and services;

10. Piracy and imitations;

11. Infringe on the intellectual property rights and other legal rights of others;

12. Commodities for which the user does not have the right to dispose of;

13. Illegal MLM products.

(10) Commodities that violate national administrative regulations or are not suitable for trading without permission:

1. Forgery and altered currency and printing equipment;

2. The renminbi and imitation renminbi in circulation;

3. Cultural relics suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Cultural Relics";

4. Tobacco monopoly products and special tobacco machinery;

5. Unauthorized fundraising goods;

6. Licensed products such as the Olympic Games, World Expos, and Asian Games released without permission;

7. Commodities such as cigarette labels, cigarette shells, cigarette cards, and cigarette cases;

8. A large number of foreign currencies in circulation and foreign currency exchange services;

9. Post office parcels, EMS courier, express delivery and other logistics document vouchers and bill numbers;

10. Commodities that cannot be transferred privately that are subsidized by the state or distributed free of charge;

11. Commodities such as military supplies, special supplies by state agencies, and special supplies;

12. Radio station (station).

(11) Virtual class:

1. Online games, game point cards, currency and other related service products that have not been filed by the state;

2. Online games related to plug-in and private server;

3. Game point card or platform card products that the official has stopped operating;

4. Virtual lottery products;

5. Virtual service products whose time cannot be queried;

6. Life insurance accounts and other types of accounts for online accounts;

7. Itunes account and user top-up products;

8. All-in-one card products in the form of automatic delivery and all-in-one card products sold at the original price under any recharge method;

9. Virtual brushing service products;

10. Commodities that cannot be queried by installment refunds;

11. Internet tariff cards or tariff packages and SIM cards that are not limited to time and traffic, time cannot be queried, and are called loophole cards, group cards, internal cards, test cards;

12. Slow charge cards and other virtual goods that cannot actually be received within 72 hours;

13. SP business self-consumable commodities;

14. Buy and sell domain names, E-mail addresses, etc.;

15. Computer software and other related products, such as: scientific research software-a bank’s operating system, a network company’s database program, a certain missile launch program; (unauthorized software) tapes or CDs without registration numbers, etc., shared Software; Beta-level or unannounced software. (Unauthorized software); OEM software that is not bundled with the device; decryption software (to crack the password of the genuine software); software with a serial number with words such as "crack" and "pirated"; Mark Six, fortune-telling Software, horse racing and other software that can extract numbers; upgraded and compressed versions of flash memory storage;

16. Virtual services, such as insurance services, contracts, etc.;

17. Internet breaking, over-the-wall software and vpn proxy service.

(12) Other categories:

1. Commodities produced by manufacturers that do not have production qualifications or that do not meet the mandatory standards of the country, locality, industry, or enterprise;

2. Commodities that have been identified, announced or recalled by authoritative quality inspection departments or manufacturers, commodities that have been explicitly eliminated or ceased to be sold by the state, expired, expired, and deteriorated commodities, and made of poppy seed-containing food, condiments, skin care products, etc. Product

3. Software or services that interfere with the normal order of the platform, such as spike devices and related software used to increase the probability of success of spikes;

4. Commodities whose product standards, certification marks, ingredients and content indicated on the product itself or on the outer packaging do not conform to national regulations;

5. Mobile phone direct-dial card and direct-dial business, telephone call-back card and call-back business;

6. Mobile phone card sticker with cracking function;

7. Commodities prohibited from export;

8. Authorized by relevant state or government departments, such as: cable TV, dish-shaped artificial satellite antenna, etc.;

9. Alarms that have not been approved by the relevant departments or are prohibited from being produced, sold or possessed;

10. Pager with lifetime free service charge (information fee) (including stock machine, digital machine, Chinese machine);

11. Other commodities that are prohibited by laws and regulations, and commodities that the company considers are not suitable for trading on the company's website.


In addition to the prohibited and restricted goods listed above, other goods that are prohibited from entering or leaving the country in the jurisdiction of the buyer and/or seller, any other goods that are illegal or restricted, or will be used to encourage illegal or restricted goods The commodities in the event are all prohibited and restricted commodities. For products that require a special operating license, the seller should provide us with relevant supporting documents in advance, and at the same time, the seller shall be responsible for the review of the buyer’s purchase qualifications, and we shall not bear any responsibility or obligation for this.

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