Platform advantages

Platform advantages

1, The number of tonis distributors is growing rapidly, with tens of thousands of distribution stores covering the mainstream e-commerce platforms

Participate in various cross-border e-commerce platform investment promotion activities, Improve Tony Supply chain visibility

Establish cooperation with cross-border e-commerce training institutions to expand the influence of Tonnis supply chain

Tiktok, Baidu, today's headlines, WeChat official account and other Internet platform advertising, increasing audience.

The number of distribution in tonis supply chain has increased exponentially, and now the number of distributors has reachedeight thousandMany people,two thousand and twentyThe annual number of distributors is expected to reachtwelve thousandPeople

two, The number of daily deliveries is increasing

Carry out free online and offline operation training, improve distributors' operation ability and skills through video teaching

Professional product development team, develop more advantageous products for distributors, improve the competitiveness of website products

Independent research and development of one click publishing, batch publishing, automatic discount and other functions, simplify the distributor operation process, improve the efficiency of payment

Through joint efforts, our daily delivery quantity is increasing from the originalthree thousandThe number of daily shipment of pieces increased to the presenttwoTen thousand, we expecttwo thousand and twentyIt will reachthreeTen thousand pieces per day

3, Perfect distributor management system

Distributors only need to bind stores to Tonnis website and upload products of Tonnis supply chain. After the order is issued, there is no need for distributors to worry from downloading orders to delivering goods. Distributors only need to concentrate on operation, and truly realize one-stop management and cross-border distribution platform

Our strengths:

1. High user stickiness

Systematic operation saves manpower

Three, rich products, wide selection

4, Perfect supplier management system

Independent research and development of distribution system, centralized order processing, businesses only need to ship goods to Tonnis warehouseTonnis warehouse processes orders centrally, delivers goods to consumers, settles payment in real time, allocates funds upon warehousing, and withdraws cash at any time

Our strengths:

1. Wide distribution channels

The system is easy to operate

Three, withdraw cash at any time, no pressure on payment for goods

5, Operation training and technical support

Carry out operation training for online and offline distributors, improve operation skills of distributors, and make distributors' shops issue orders and products quickly

Independent R & D distribution system quickly updated on the shelf, so that the supplier's goods more timely exposure on the e-commerce platform

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